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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Watch?

Home Watch is a visual observation of a home or property, looking for obvious issues. A service offered to people who own multiple homes, it is popular in areas that have a large percentage of part-time residents like Florida with a heavy seasonal, and tourist, population. 

Coastal Winds Home Watch provides home watch services in the Fort Myers, Florida.

How frequently do you make a Home Watch Visit?

This depends upon each homeowners’ specific needs. Some people prefer more frequent visits than others.

Coastal Winds Home Watch offers visits:

  • Weekly (4-5 visits per month)
  • Bi-Weekly (2-3 visits per month)
  • More Frequently
What are some of the things you do on your Home Watch visit?

On each visit, we do the following:

  • Cycle the water, which includes brushing and flushing toilets, running water in sinks, tubs, and showers to ensure drain traps remain wet to prevent smells or drain flies.
  • Check for visible leaks.
  • Run the dishwasher and washing machine on a regular basis. 
  • Use a flashlight to look at ceilings, visible walls, and baseboards for signs of water or other damage. We are trained to identify irregularities and to catch a damaging situation in the early stages. 
  • Check humidity levels, and, if humidity is above 50%, we adjust the thermostat so the AC operates properly to draw humidity out of the air. This is especially critical in a tropical climate, like Southwest Florida.

Note: All procedures vary by climate, type of home, and equipment.

How do you handle a problem or damaging situation?

Every situation is unique, and we handle each situation with a tailored approach.

Coastal Winds Home Watch has vetted an extensive pool of licensed, insured and bonded trades people that can be scheduled quickly to remedy any situations in the home. 

We provide regularly scheduled visits and reports to our customers about how the property is doing, and how repairs are progressing. Each visit is paired with an app that uses a digital GPS reporting system, providing you with reports, photos, geo-location, and updates in real-time. 

If Coastal Winds does find an issue or potential problem, we immediately notify the homeowner, troubleshoot appropriately, and provide suggestions to remedy the situation. From there, the homeowner decides how to proceed, and our team will make that happen. 

Do you have a Home Watch certification? What about insurance?

Coastal Winds Home Watch is insured, certified and bonded. We are professionally accredited by the Home Watch Academy as Certified Home Watch Reporters, and are certified to ensure your home or investment property is maintained, secure, and safe while you are away.

As a member of the International Home Watch Alliance, Coastal Winds Home Watch carries a minimum General Liability Insurance Policy in the amount of $1M USD with a $2M USD aggregate. 

How much do you charge?

After a consultation and assessment of the client’s needs, Coastal Winds Home Watch will provide the client a quote based on the number of water zones and checklist of services.  (Water Zone: Any area of the property with pressurized water coming into the home.

How do I know who is making the visit as well as if, and when, the visit was made?

Coastal Winds Home Watch physically visits and checks the home. David Booth, Owner of Coastal Winds Home Watch, will be the primary point of contact, and will be the person physically visiting and checking your home. 

We use GPS-enabled software. Each client will have access to their Home Watch visit report through a personal portal that is accessible anytime and anywhere in the world with internet accessibility.

What qualifies you to watch over my home?

Professionally Trained – Home Watch Academy

Certified Home Watch Reporter 

Fully Insured and Bonded

As a member and approved business of the International Home Watch Alliance, Coastal winds Home Watch subscribes to their high standards and best practices. 

Download a copy of the Ultimate Home Watch Interview Guide below
Coastal Winds Home Watch
Home Watch accredidation
Coastal Winds Home Watch
Home Watch accredidation

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