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We’ve included a checklist on this page similar to what we use on site. We conduct a visual observation of the home looking for irregularities and obvious signs of damage. But one of the best things about working with us is the technology we use. Our state-of-the-art software will give the peace of mind knowing your home is receiving the attention it deserves when you are away. 

We use a reporting system called HomeWatchIT. The reports you receive from us include written information and photos of your property that were taken in real time and show you the condition of your property and the time and date we visited your unoccupied home. You can review reports 24/7 from anywhere in the world with internet accessibility. 

Example Home Watch Checklist

This is a very general Home Watch Checklist intended for illustration purposes only.
Each checklist is customized for the for the property and homeowner requests.
  • Upon Arrival
    • Exterior check of grounds, landscape, pests, lawn and sprinklers
    • Remove newspapers, flyers, check mailbox
    • Visual check of outdoor light fixtures
    • Visual exterior check including roof (from ground), screens, windows, AC units, fence
    • Turn water ON – “gingerly”
    • Enter home, disarm security system, if appropriate
  • Interior Check
    • Check all windows and doors for damage and ensure they are locked
    • Visual check for signs of water damage, mold and mildew
    • Cycle the water: brush and flush toilets, run water in sinks (including garbage disposal), tubs and showers
    • Short cycle dishwasher and washer
    • Check the water heater – it should be turned OFF at circuit breaker, or on Vacation Mode, when water main is OFF.  If there is a Recirculation Pump, that should be OFF.  Procedure varies by type of equipment
    • Check for signs of insects, pests and rodents
    • Check closets, pantry and storage cabinets
    • Verify AC and humidistat settings; adjust as necessary
    • Check refrigerator, freezers and wine coolers for proper temperature and operation
    • Reset clocks after power outage
    • Check circuit breaker panels
    • Check garage (including trash) and make sure door to garage is locked
  • Lanai and Pool Area
    • Check water level and condition of water
    • Check equipment and pool control panel
    • Check screen door, screening and cage structure
  • Departure
    • Final departure: “Look. Listen. Lock.”
    • Enable security system, lock doors
    • Turn OFF water supply

Coastal Winds Home Watch utilizes the EXCLUSIVE Water Zone Home Watch Method. 

Coastal Winds Home Watch
Home Watch accredidation
Coastal Winds Home Watch
Home Watch accredidation

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